About Lu Vesta Homes


Lu Vesta Homes has been making their mark on communities across Canada since 1970. From gracious custom homes, cozy sub-divisions, condominiums and office complexes, the dynamic team behind Lu Vesta has always been one step ahead of today’s desire for multi-purpose community building. Past projects by the Principals of Lu Vesta include: Springbank Estates Condominiums, London; Tiffany Woods Condominiums, London; Marconi Townhouses, London; E.C. Row and Grand Marais Rd. Subdivision, Windsor; and 2975 and 2985 Drew Rd, Mississauga commercial condominiums and plaza.

The owners and directors of Lu Vesta Homes have been completing large- and small-scale development projects in Ontario for over 30 years. Over 35 projects have been completed, from Windsor to Toronto. Their experience and expertise enables new innovative ideas on building design that address today’s demands including “work from home” concepts, areas to relax and enjoy life, numerous parcel deliveries per day, and high speed communication, as examples.